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Kofu Toastmasters 第4回ミーティング結果報告

開催日 2019/01/12(土)

Report: Rorona Kaneko

On Saturday, January 12th, 2019, we held the 4th Meeting at the Yamanashi International Association Conference Room. It was the 1st meeting in the year 2019! We had 14 people including 2 new members, 4 Non-Toastmaster guests, and 5 Toastmaster guests from other clubs.

2019年1月12日(土)、山梨県立国際交流センターにて第4回デモ例会を開催しました。2019年最初の例会となりました!今回は、2名の新メンバー、4名のゲストさん、5名のトーストマスターゲスト (他クラブより参加)を含めた14名での例会でした。

At the beginning of the meeting, our President, TM Y.K. introduced about Toastmasters activities as usual. This time, we also watched a video which introduces Toastmasters activities, which was provided by Toastmasters District 76 (Japan).


Also, President Y.K. announced that. We, Kofu Toastmasters Club had application for “the 500th Anniversary of Establishing Kofu Project” and was shortlisted—we are planning to hold an event on June 29, 2019! We are so excited about the Kofu500 special event!


After the introduction, our club officer TM S.K. made a motion to welcome two new members. We held a discussion and decided to welcome both two members and held the Induction Ceremony to welcome these two members. Those two members are now becoming “Toastmasters” officially! Welcome to Kofu TMC, and welcome to our Toastmasters journey!


Now, let’s start today’s educational session! Our Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD), TM Y.M. introduced the meeting schedule. His opening speech was very passionate—we could feel his love for our Kofu TMC and Kofu City as well!


Next, our new member, TM S.S. introduced Word of the Day “compassionate.” Word of the Day is a keyword of the meeting, and members are requested to use this word as many times as possible. It was the very first role for TM S.S. Congratulations!

次に、私たちの新会員、S.Sさんが今日の言葉「compassionate / 思いやりのある」を発表しました。今日の言葉は例会のキーワードであり、参加者は例会中この単語を可能な限りたくさん使うようにします。S.Sさんにとって初めての役割でした。おめでとうございます!

Also, TM Y.A. is our another new member, introduced the role of Ah-Counter. Ah-Counter’s role is to count unnecessary words we unconsciously use when we are speaking in the public. This role is important to improving speakers’ speaking skills, to deliver their message properly. This role was the 1st role for TM Y.A. as well. Congratulations!

また、もう一人の新メンバー、Y.Aさんがえーとカウンターの役割説明を行いました。えーとカウンターは、私たちが人前で話している時に無意識に使ってしまう不要な単語を数える役割です。この役割は、話し手が自分のメッセージを的確に発信するスキルを向上させる上でとても大切です。 こちらもY.Aさんにとって初めての役割でした。おめでとうございます!

Next, we moved on to the Prepared Speech Session. Our 1st Speaker today was TM T.T. Her speech was based on an Advanced Communication Manual “the Entertaining Speaker,” and her project was “Speaking After Dinner.” She delivered English Rakugo, with a story of visiting Tenjin Shrine for the first Time. It was a perfect topic for the new year, and her speaking skills as a Rakugo performer was shining.

次は、準備スピーチセッションに移ります。今回の一人目のスピーカーはT.Tさん。彼女のスピーチは上級マニュアル「the Entertaining Speaker / 楽しませるスピーカー」の中の「Speaking After Dinner」のプロジェクトでした。彼女は初詣に関連した英語落語を披露して下さいました。新年に ぴったりの内容で、落語家さんとしての彼女の話術が輝いていました。

Our next speaker was our guest, TM P.M., who was the Finalist of District 76 (all Japan) in 2017. His speech was related to everyone—expressing your true thoughts with others. Especially in terms of politics, people are less likely to share their true opinions with others. His speech reached our hearts, hesitating to speak up.


3rd Speaker was our member, TM R.K., who was also the finalist in 2018. Her speech was based on the Advanced Communication Manual “Special Occasion Speeches,” and her project was “Presenting an Award.” She awarded an original award to our founder / President, TM Y.K., for his hard work.

3人目のスピーカーは私たちのメンバーで、こちらも2018年のディストリクトのファイナリスト、R.Kさんでした。彼女のスピーチは上級マニュアル「Special Occasion Speeches」の中の「Presenting an Award」のプロジェクトでした。彼女はクラブの創始者・会長のY.Kさんのこれまでの功績を称えて、オリジナルの賞を授与しました。

After the Prepared Speech Session, we had a break and moved on to the Table Topics Session, the impromptu speech. The facilitator of this session, Topicsmaster, was TM K.S. (TM guest). He asked various questions, to those who had fewer opportunities to speak up during the 1st half of the meeting.


His questions were, “What was your worst thing you bought in your life?” “Which film made you cry recently?” “What is the best technology in the past ten years?” “Who was the best teacher in your life?” and “If you could reborn into any person, who would you like to be and what would you like to do? “All of the speakers, including guests, delivered great impromptu speeches, answering the questions.


The last part of the meeting was the General Evaluation Session. Each Speech Evaluator evaluated each prepared speech. Each Evaluator had one’s own style of evaluation and mentioned detailed parts of the speeches, which helped both of the speakers and the audience to understand. This time all of the Speech Evaluators were Toastmaster guests from other clubs. Thank you very much!


After the speech evaluations, each helper reported the results: Word of the Day, Ah-Counter, and Grammarian. Then our General Evaluator (GE), TM Y.M. evaluated the meeting. TM Y.M. praised first timers (those who took the role for the first time), and all the speakers and other role takers.


However, the hardest worker of the day was TM Y.M. himself—he took the double role of TMOD and GE! I think it was the hardest combination in the Toastmasters world... Thank you very much!


【The Best Prize Winners / 今回のベスト賞】
The Best Table Topics Speaker / ベストテーブルトピックス賞
—Ms. K.M. (Guest) / K.M.さん(ゲスト)
The Best Evaluator / ベスト論評賞
—TM M.T. (TM Guest) / M.T.さん(TMゲスト)
The Best Speaker / ベストスピーカー賞
—TM P.M. (TM Guest) / P.M.さん(TMゲスト)
Congratulations! おめでとうございます!

Our meeting will be held on Saturday, February 9, and March 9, 2019. If you’re interested in our activities, please feel free to contact us!



登録者: Kofu Toastmasters

登録日: 2019/02/12